MLP Episode #100 – Slice of Life – Review and Commentary

It’s that time, the time we’ve all been waiting for: Episode 100! Slice of Life! The episode teased a nice look at what happens while our Mane 6 is out saving friendship as we know it. Let me just say, the writers don’t fail to deliver in this case! I’m going to keep this one as short as possible since this episode needs to be seen for yourself and words alone cannot do it justice 🙂

Muffin is my name now
“I’m now named Muffin :]”

We start out with a teaser intro where we establish Cranky Doodle Donkey and Matilda are finally getting married. You remember them? They were the secondary characters in an episode where Pinky had arguably the most iconic song of her career as a pony “Smile” 🙂 Check it out it still makes me smile when it hits my car’s speakers. Moving on, we quickly find out that thanks to Cranky’s thrifty side, the discount invitation maker (what kinda cutie mark is that you think?) he went to misprinted the date and now, they have to move the wedding up to that day!

“It means this damn thing doesn’t work at all!” Fans should know that she’s wearing what Dr. Brown is wearing in Back to the Future 

Humorous as it is, there’s two distinct things I like about this intro and I’ll tell you the first. We use the word “elope” I applaud them for being brave, I recall not that long ago shows were very hesitant to use a grown up word like that. I hope it’s a step forward, though I doubt we’ll hear “Damn” anytime soon.

Secondly, the moment I personally was waiting for, Derpy speaks officially this time! Now before you jump too high, you’ll notice her name in the credits is “muffin” or “muffins” I don’t honestly care, as I’ll be referring to her as Derpy, the name we knew her best as. The entire fiasco about a minor percentage of folks possibly being upset over the name Derpy is simply silly in my opinion. The name is meant to imply clumsiness not in a negative way but a positive light. ANY other implication is the fault of the so called “wounded” faction that called for the name change. Her name was meant to make you smile not feel bad, and if you watch her, she IS a bit Derpy…HOWEVER, it does NOT mean she’s stupid, even IF she has Wall-eyes. Niether the name nor the condition she has means she’s stupid, or a lesser person in any way, shape or form, JUST like anyone in the real world isn’t any less for the same reason.

I have a different voice this time dr whooves
“You know I act like the 10th doctor but sound like the 6th and yet am supposed to be the 11th..this IS confusing..still..not a ginger..”

So then we go to our first act, which is a Dr. Whooves and Derpy act it seems. We’re treated to so many Dr Who and in jokes it’s near impossible for me to go into them without dragging on. Lets just say you won’t be disappointed at all. One thing that does catch my ear is when Dr. Whooves describes how long he’s devoted his life to science, he says decades then corrects himself to centuries. Quite an interesting thought as the only long lived ponies known to us are the Princesses.

Does scoots have lines I forget
“Does Scoots even get any lines or do I speak next?”

We flawlessly move to a scene that normally we’d be focusing on the Mane 6 but instead we’re treated to a crowd shot and one of my favorite lines from the show so far from Sweetie Belle. It refers to how most of the problems are dealt with in 30 minutes or so and it’s a diamond. We also see that maybe Big Mac and Cheerilee ARE dating, but it’s never dealt with more as the jokes and lines fire non-stop from the fact that there’s a giant BugBear attacking the town to the uncanny fact that since Twilight came to town a certain pony hasn’t had much work in doing weddings.

they ship us you know
“I’ve been reading and everyone seems to agree, we’re a couple..”

Another memorable moment occurs soon after when Lyra and Bon Bon have their own scene, one that shouldn’t be missed. The closeness of the two has got most of the internet foaming at the mouth in regards to the fact they are..more then friends. We’ll leave that up to you to determine, though it seems plausible.

totally shipped
This whole “they’re just friends thing” DOES seem to lose it’s bottom if you watch this enough o.0

Most of the episode spirals too fast to break down into anything other then fan-gasm moment, though I can’t help but be entirely amused at Steven Magnet (you know him, he’s that sea serpent Rarity helped in the very first episode! Na..I didn’t remember him either..) and his..fabulous way of speaking. I swear the spa ponies have new voices … again!

the moment some have waited for
Ahhh the Odd-Couple 🙂
“They think we are WHAT?”

Finally act 3 begins it’s final approach as the fan-gasmic explosions continue, this time fueled by Vinyl Scratch and Octavia! We learn that canon-wise they do live together, and yet, those darn fans are now assuming they are more then that. Regardless of their relationship to each other, the music that happens next is awesome! The way they mix quickly shows in fact they have been friends for a while, and the ensuring chase scene on Scratch’s mobile thump-machine is the final kick start the finale needs.

I thought you were
“You know the more we train this girl the more likely she is to just run away with the show…”

As our favorite DJ scoops up ponies left and right, we’re treated to the finale real awesome moment where Gummi, Pinkie’s seemingly stoic pet, has an internal monologue that’s rather deep, and oddly enough, a very good question in terms of what the point of life is.

i have no lines
“It’s ok..he always cries when he doesn’t have any lines….say aren’t you a playable character in Left 4 Dead 2?”

The wedding occurs inside town hall, and everyone else you could possibly think of is present. It’s incredible how many cameos we see in just a small scene but it’s enough to make you smile as a fan. The highlight in my opinion is two fold. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna bickering back and fourth in a very candid manner makes you remember that even immortal sisters have their moments. The Mayor (who I personally just love, she doesn’t get enough face time in my opinion) gives the most incredible of speeches during the wedding that is meant for both the in character moment and quite clearly a message to the loyal fans who have made the series as successful as it is. I couldn’t help but crack a wide smile as it finished.

I give this episode a 9 out of 10, the only thing I would have liked was Zecora having a talking role, and Vinyl with a speaking voice. Though I understand personally that if Scratch had a voice, it would almost break the magic she holds over a lot of the fans. Maybe one day we’ll get her one. The entire BugBear attack would be an awesome B story (or in this case, A story) for an entirely new episode, much ,like Spikes adventure in season 3 was mirrored by the Mane 6’s.

Until next time,


PS, I leave you with Lyra sitting provocativly 😉

sitting is best pony
“I..I swear I didn’t even know there was a character named Hellboy…” or Lyra Sitting is Best Pony! 🙂

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  1. 1. I was once a member of the “Ditzy Doo” camp, as I figured it would be a less insulting name than “Derpy”; however even that name is kinda bad, and I’m trying to imagine two loving parents giving their child either of those two names (although my theory about Daring Do and Ditzy Doo being estranged sisters–never mind, I digress). I came up with “Silver Storm,” a normal, sky-related pegasus name that nopony knows because her unfortunate fillyhood nickname stuck. Outside of fan-theory world, however, I call her Derpy.

    2. Lyra and Bon Bon…wow, they pushed that as far as they could on a kids’ show. I thought it was hilarious how they settled the Bon Bon vs. Sweetie Drops debate. Perhaps that’s why *ahem* MINUETTE never got a spotlight, because they didn’t want to break the hearts of fans who know her as Colgate.

    3. Vinyl and Octavia’s scene…the whole episode played out like the most expensive fanmade video ever, but that scene put the cherry on top–in a good way. As a musician, the synergy they had with their two different musical backgrounds struck a chord with me (pun intended) because I love mixing styles and genres. Also, they doubled down on Octavia playing some kind of bizarre stand-up cello. But I forgive them. I just want to ride the wubmobile.

    4. Berry Punch and her barrel of unspecified liquid. Again, as far as they could go on a kids’ show.

    5. I want a Celestia/Luna episode.

    1. Completely agree on all points, I too would like a Celestia / Luna episode. They seemed to become more 3 dimensional when they did that. Where Scratch gets these transforming things in any dimension is another point altogether 😉

      Thanks for the reply and I hope to see more from you and others in my blog! 🙂


  2. i loved this episode, all the callbacks, Derpy!! the doctor & the big lebowski ponies. “what is that word ‘man’ you keep using?” Dj Pon-3! i was also surprised at the Changeling being there. i liked the BugBear monster & totally missed the bttf helmet!

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