Eye of The Hurricane – New Story

It’s time for a new release!

Long time readers will know The Eastern Empire aka the Sombra Empire is on a continent not connected by land to The Canterlot Commonwealth.

There the form of government is more authoritarian then one can imagine and it all filters up to King Sombra. Though believed to be a simple title passed on through the years, few if any left alive know that King Sombra that founded the empire is still alive after centuries of rule.

Eye of the Hurricane takes place a year after The Canterlot Disaster and then skips ahead 8 more years. It follows Tempest Shadow, a woman who is driven by one of the more base desires: revenge.

Taking place in the collective MetaVerse this is the first try to see how well the public will enjoy the other of the three civilizations on the planet (the Canterlot Commonwealth, The Eastern Empire and The Symmetry Dominion).

Check it out here and please give us comments on what ya liked and didn’t like (length, depth, ect)


DarkMalcontent and the MetaVerse Team


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