Midnight’s Dawn – Teaser

Hey MetaVerse Fans!

We have just stamped the final draft approved internally and gotten our cover image approved for a new story we have settled on calling…Midnight’s Dawn.

I’m eager to see how fan reaction to knowing more about this world’s Twilight vs Prime Twilight. Part of the fun of writing this universe is trying to determine the ripple / butterfly effects that strike each and every person in the world. From Tempest to Twilight to Lemon Zest, it’s a new adventure everyday!

A glimpse into the past of the Eastern Empires most efficient and ruthless scientist. We watch her as she begins life as Twilight Sparkle. We watch her through the tragic loss of her family, the trials and tribulations of her time in the lower ranks of R&D for King Sombra. We watch as she rises in the ranks and descends into obsessive madness, becoming the most feared and respected scientist of the Eastern Empire…Professor Midnight.

Release will occur in about a day as we work on uploading all material 🙂 In the meantime, if you haven’t, check out Eye of the Hurricane, as Tempest makes a lovely cameo in the new story coming 🙂

Stay Tuned!

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