Staff Credits

Here’s a list of friends and people who have helped with the project.

Last Update: 10-12-18

Founder and Head Writer

Project Coordinator

  • DSHooves (Twitter)

Co-author and Proofreaders

Primary Artist

  • Moon Pearl / succubisamus (Derpi)

Associate Artists

  • Emerald Blast (dA)

Creative Consultants & Beta Readers

  • WubcakeVA (dA) (YouTube)
  • Discourt / Speedy (dA)
  • Rivet Rose (dA)
  • Trail-grazer (dA)
  • Zap4th

Additional Staff and Honorable Mentions

  • Hanako (dA) (dA Relations Manager)
  • Drewdini (dA)
  • Deannaphantom (dA)
  • Art-2u (dA)

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