MetaVerse Update – March 12th, 2020

Hello MetaVerse fans!

Lots of things to address so let’s get to it!

We recently acquired a new associate artist to help ease the burden from Moon Pearl. I’d like to introduce Princess Butter or Butters! You can find their artwork here on deviantArt! Heres an example of some of the work shes done for us so far!

Next up we want to give a shout out to TrailGrazer whose gazelle-like skills are hard at work working on a new set of logos for the MetaVerse in whole. Trail was responsible for our current Equestrian City logo so we cant wait yo hear more on that!

We recently released Equestrian City Episode 19 and Midnights Dawn! Why not check them out when you have the time. Though based on the state of things, some nay have more time on their hands to read then they might have thought a month ago.

We wish everyone a swift recovery from anyone exposed and suffering from the pandemic that sweeps our great world. Prayers, well wishes and positive vibes to all!

Stay tuned for more updates this weekend!


DarkMalcontent & The MetaVerse Team

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