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      This applies to every forum, every topic, all the time. Ignorance of the rules does not excuse your behavior or the consequences that may result from ignoring them.


      1) Do not post anything above a PG-13 nature. There are kids here. Doing so can result in an immediate ban and possibly authorities being contacted depending on the severity of the case.

      2) Respect your fellow fan and don’t use abusive language. This is just common sense. If a topic is becoming heated, step away from it. If someone is being rude, feel free to report the post to a Keymaster (admin) and we will take care of it.

      3) You’re not a mod, so don’t act like one. Micro-modding is when someone – erm – steps in and tries to enforce the rules. Unless your name has “Keymaster” or “Moderator” under it, it’s best to just report it. Repeated infractions will result in you being banned.

      4) The topic tags are there for a reason. If your post contains blood, or things that may be of an upsetting nature, please tag accordingly.


      6) Spamming the threads with “hi” or single word replies is frowned upon. Try to add some substance to the discussion!

      7) No talks of politics, religion, etc are permitted unless they are about the current storyline/world. We’re here to get away from reality, not be reminded of it.
      (Let’s face it, it usually ends badly, so keep irl stuff off the site, please.)

      8) Don’t give out personal information and don’t ask for it either. You don’t know WHO could really be hiding under the alias “BuckRodgers2500”.

      By posting on the site you hereby agree that you will follow the rules. Equestrian City, it’s moderators and keymasters are not liable for any injury that may occur as a result to you if you do not follow them.

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      • This topic was modified 5 years, 1 month ago by DSHooves.
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