Story Updates & New Friends!

Hello MetaVerse fans!

We have had a lot of internal additions to the team! Alden and Kyle come to us to form what’s being called the Pony Think Tank! They, simply put, help Ali and myself think! Alden is a veteran (in several senses of the word!) who brings knowledge of classic and retro style storytelling from era past! Kyle comes to us from our talks with Mr. Brawny Buck! He helps Ali while I’m stretched in 700 directions and as a side job keeps me from going TOO dark in our plot lines!

We have Side Streets episode 7 “Vicious Circles” uploaded and ready for consumption! Be sure to drop us a comment or even head over to and log into the forums to speak your mind!

Better still drop by discord or our deviant art page and patreon! Speaking of the comic, we will have an update soon on direction, topic and artists we have selected so be sure to follow us here and on Twitter! The main storyline is heading forward full steam so don’t forget to catch up! (And with City of Heroes back up you wont believe the things I’ve been doing there 😉 )

Stay tuned,


The MetaVerse Team

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