EC Update – 01-20-19

Greetings HeroVerse fans,

We’re happy to announce a new episode of Total Wasteland for you Fallout Fans. You’ll notice alot of familiar elements from the game but also our own take on how things went in the canon. We hope you get all the references and meta jokes we could muster in there. Keep in mind there’s a Mature tag on it so be mindful of that.

Episode 13 of EC is nearing final review and breakdown by Mr. Buck and we need but to meet with him for a final push on it hopefully this week.

Side Streets new story “Initiations” is going to be deployed sometime in February we hope, you Lyra and SHIELD fans will love it despite it being so small.

Keep those feedback comments coming, we love to help shape our content towards the reader as we can, and we hope to see you on Discord!


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