MLP Season 6 “The Gift of The Maud Pie” Analysis


Hello out there in Ponyland! It’s that time again, and straight out of the box we get a Pinkie Pie episode with fan favorite Maud Pie and Rarity! Let’s not waste anytime and dive right in! A small heads up, I’ve noticed that Rule 34 pictures per episode are rapidly appearing quicker and quicker, so almost like an Easter egg, I’ll have a NSFW link somewhere in the article the picture is related to. I do not HOST the image, but I find the satire and humor in it, nor are you required to look at it, and it’s labeled 🙂

Now, on with the show!

This episode is a quick overall look at the character that’s taken the fandom by storm: Maud Pie. To say anything else is really given in regards to this episode would be a disservice as while it is a fluff piece, it’s one that’s wonderful!

Rarity is going back to Manehatten to find a new branch for her ever expanding businesses (Which oddly enough, is what she does in my fiction series Equestrian City, spooky) and Pinkie Pie is traveling with her to have a special day with Maud, who’s there getting her… wait for it… her Rockterite 😛 Bad puns aside, it’s a wonderful little ride with little to no real plot specific points to worry about.

This guy with the everywhere. WTF?

I’m not really upset about this, despite some believing I’m a bit jaded in my analysis, I still enjoy a fun little adventure that doesn’t need a massive cliffhanger or implication. It is after all, supposed to be fun.

I will give proper reference to the fact we get a much better shot of Manehatten, despite the fact that we still don’t quite get a clear idea of just who this world’s Statue of Liberty is (I’d like to think Celestia, but I just don’t see it, do you?)

Honestly it looks more like a grown up Sweetie Belle. Incidentally, no one wears horseshoes, yet we use them ALOT.


Another point we see is that wonderful overview of the city map as our cast moves from place to place sightseeing. Being a technical loving fool I am, I enjoyed rewinding and examining the various little things I saw and what the civic layout involved in a larger city then Ponyville. We are treated to a scene involving a Police Pony who has..hoof-cuffs..and that does open a lot of questions in terms of crime vs population density, but that’s another article altogether if we go back (which I’m sure we will!)

Yet no nightstick or pepper spray. Do they just ask nicely to handcuff them? 😛


The final and most important issue we address is Pinkie’s ability to break the fourth wall, and the question is partially answered as Maud has to fix the problem of the episode (mainly Pinkie giving up her party cannon for a present for Maud. The overall lesson is the same in The Gift of The Magi (credit goes to Kestrel for this reference; published in 1905, the lesson still holds true today.)  Maud displays the ability, though with deadpan delivery, to defy physics and seemingly display cartoon like power to confront the issue with a pony, who seems to remind me of Steve Buscemi, and resolve the issue. On slightly related note, it didn’t take MarsMiner (An artist I admire) to pop out a Rule 34 picture for this episode. (NSFW Look at your own risk)

“I loved you in Reservoir Dogs!”

I give this episode a 5 out of 10. The story itself, while classic, has been done before, though it’s much more amusing with our cast I’ll admit. Giving it a “average” is not so much a slap then a nod, as at this juncture, we’ve already established that each episode in recent memory has been excellent. This one maintains that direction. As previously stated, it’s a fun little fluff piece that has little to do with long term plot or story arc, but that doesn’t detract from the fact’s a FUN LITTLE FLUFF PIECE! 🙂 Not to mention it’s got Rarity and Pinkie, seldom do we see them together and Maud is just a bonus in this case.

Until next time,


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